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Hey, Friend.  Welcome to the place you’ve been looking for.  Hold the Space Wellness is more than just a website-it’s the community you never knew you needed.  A place to be your unique, authentic self, with no judgement.  We’re women supporting women through all stages of life, and we can’t wait to meet you.

The Modern Mamas Podcast

 Episodes go live weekly, focusing on all topics related to motherhood. From experts to our own personal experience, we tackle it all!

Safer Skin Care

 Helping women navigate the transition from toxic to safer personal care products is my jam.  It can be easy, and I’m here to share how!


Sharing healthy, delicious recipes to nourish your body from the inside out!  Cooking for you and your family can be fast, easy, budget-friendly and fun.

Meet Jess

A former marathoner turned Crossfitter, turned intuitive exerciser.  I went from a consistent diet of gas station corn dogs and Big Gulp diet soda to now focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods for me and my family.  I’m a recovering perfectionist, with a life goal to share my authentic story in the hopes that other women will have the space to do the same.  Wanna be friends?

THE Modern Mamas Podcast

My co-host Laura and I show up every week to share insights from experts and to bare our souls.  We chat everything from pre-conception to parenting and all of the in-between.   

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